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Custom texts is a great way to add extra information in a booking reference. 
There are two possibilities to add custom texts:
1. General texts for all bookings
2. Tailor-made texts for selected packages

  • Go to Settings > Texts > Custom texts.
  • Click on the plus sign to add a new text.
  • Give your new custom text a name.
  • Write the information you want to convey in the word processor.
  • It’s being saved automatically.

Add custom texts for all booking references

  • Go to Booking reference.
  • Choose your text in the list.
  • Click Save.

Add custom texts for packages

  • Go to Packages.
  • Click on the pen icon to open the package you want to add a text to.
  • Go to Texts.
  • Choose your custom text in the list.
  • Click Save.