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  5. Enable payment reminders

If you require prepayment, you can activate payment reminders. If the customer has not paid for their booking, a reminder will be sent.

Payment reminders via email will be sent 24 hours and 3 hours before the booking needs to be paid. SMS reminders will be sent 3 hours in advance.

To enable payment reminders, follow these steps:

1. Fill in or edit the reminder text:

Go to Settings/Texts/Email/Payment Reminder and fill in the desired text for the email.

  • Example of email subject:
    Remember to pay for your booking #{BOOKING_NUMBER}
  • Example of email content:
    We want to remind you that the payment for your booking #{BOOKING_NUMBER} needs to be made by {PAYMENT_REQUIRED_DATE}.

Go to Settings/Texts/SMS/Payment Reminder and fill in the desired text for the SMS.

  • Example of SMS content:
    Reminder: Pay for booking #{BOOKING_NUMBER} by {PAYMENT_REQUIRED_DATE}. {TICKET_URL}

2. Go to Settings/Bookings:

Check the boxes “Enable payment reminders via email” and “Enable payment reminders via SMS” if you also want reminders via SMS. Note that only the second reminder will be sent via SMS.

By following these steps, you ensure that your customers receive clear and timely reminders about their payments, which can contribute to a smoother booking process.