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  5. Onboarding ExtendaGO

Activating ExtendaGO integration.


    1. Email the following information from ExtendaGO with Funbutler client name to support@funbutler.com
      -Client ID
      -Client Secret
      -Shop ID
      -Gift card tender type ID
    2. Funbutler will activate the integration in Onbording state and send you an weebhook. In ExtendaGO’s backoffice, go to [Settings] → [Integrations] → [Universal Integration].
      Select “Recall Link with Model Data.”
      Check “Orders.”
      Under “Recall Link,” enter the URL provided under “Webhook URL (Order)”.

    4. You will also receive the Funbutler calendar URL. In ExtendaGO’s backoffice, go to [Settings] → [Configurations] and update following settings:
      POS.WebInterface.Webinterface.Enable = Set ON
      POS.WebInterface.WebinterfaceTitle = Calendar
      POS.WebInterface.WebinterfaceURL = Funbutler calendar URL
      Contact ExtendaGo support if settings is not available.

    6. The following products need to be set up in ExtendaGO : This is failover and standard(aka dummy) product IDs/ article numbers.  It’s a mandatory part
      -Resource bookings 
      -Classes & Events
    7. Match packages with ExtendaGO products in Funbutler Settings-
      Cash register- Article matching. See video for more details how to manage packages and match products: Get Started With ExtendaGO

    9. When all is ready, send an email to support@funbutler.com to go live with integration.
  1. It’s important to note that all orders in the system before you matched ExtendaGO products with Funbutler packages must be checked in before we can go live with the integration. You can see this by extracting a report on upcoming bookings as soon as you are done matching the products with packages.


    Overview ExtendaGO Video
    ExtendaGO website


    For support and questions contact support@funbutler.com





Working with Funbutler gift cards and ExtendaGO Checkout.

Currently, Funbutler is not compatible with the ExtendaGO gift card module. As a result, we are unable to integrate certain functionalities of Funbutler gift cards with the ExtendaGO checkout system at this time. This means that customers attempting to use Funbutler gift cards at the ExtendaGO checkout will not receive the discount. Funbutler gift cards are currently only applicable for online purchases or within the Funbutler calendar.

However, purchased gift cards can still be utilized effectively if the following steps are implemented and forwarded to FunButler Support:

  • Set Up a “Sell a Gift Card” Product :
    • Create a product in the Funbutler system labeled as “Sell a gift card” with a 0% VAT rate.
    • This product should be configured to build up a debt in the bookkeeping system upon purchase.
  • Set Up a “Use a Gift Card” Payment Method :
    • Establish a payment method within Funbutler labeled as “Use a gift card”.
    • This payment method should be designed to decrease the gift card debt in the bookkeeping system when utilized by customers.

By following these instructions, purchased gift cards can still be effectively utilized within the Funbutler system, even though integration with ExtendaGO is not currently possible.