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-Purchase of Gift Cards Not Used for Payment

Onslip can handle returns and errors on gift cards by retrieving the purchase from the history and choosing either return or error. It is also possible to retrieve purchases from other registers by searching for the receipt. If the gift card purchase was handled at the same register, one can browse through that register’s history to find it.

In this way, the register manages everything to ensure the accounting is correct.

-Purchase of Gift Cards That Have Been Used and the Customer Wants to Withdraw the Remaining Money(Not recommended)

Since Onslip has a clear change management in the register for used gift cards, client needs to create a special product for this, which can be used in the register. Create a product priced at 0:- and when the customer comes to withdraw their money, this product is entered, and the gift card is used for payment of the amount one wants to withdraw from the gift card. Then, the entire amount is returned as change.