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Create a voucher and giftcard

Go to the top right menu. Click on Vouchers. Click on the plus sign to create a new voucher. Name your voucher and set the period of validity. Add text that will be visible on the voucher. Now click Save to continue. Appearance Add a logo by...

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Make a resource booking

This type of booking can be used for unique bookings on one or more resources that is not a part of your ordinary set up of packages. Click on the stopwatch to make a new resource booking. Choose between making a booking from Packages or Resources....

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Create a promo code

Go to Promo codes > click the plus sign to add a new. Fill in optional numbers and/or letters to create your personal promo code. Choose percent or fixed. Fill in your percentage point or the discount amount > click Save. Under Limit - Choose...

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Create categories to an add-on

Go to Add-ons > choose Categories next to Add-ons. Click on New category to add a new category. Fill in title and subtitle. Add excisting items to your category by clicking Add. To change the order of how the items appear, click on the arrows.

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How do I create an add-on?

Go to Add-ons > click the plus sign to add a new. Fill in name, price, VAT and give your add-on a description > click Save. The ability to add an image becomes available. Find your image, click on it and hold in the left mousekey as you drag...

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